Insurance Industry

Our approach is to team as early as possible with brokers and agents so that owners, developers, and contractors receive comprehensive and seamless service starting before the purchase of a wrap-up insurance policy and continuing through the completion of construction and the extended completed operations period of the policy.

  • Prior to the purchase of a wrap-up policy, we act as a resource for agents and brokers. We can assist in explaining the potential advantages of wrap-up insurance to clients.
  • Once a wrap-up policy is purchased, we become the main contact for owners, developers, and contractors, relieving brokers and agents of the tasks of answering questions about the wrap-up program and dealing with enrollment issues.
  • After project completion, we remain a resource for information and documentation regarding project insurance and insureds.

If you have any questions about how we can help you, please contact us.

In a nutshell

Program Development
Understand your options, make informed decisions

Program Implementation
Determine your needs, implement your goals

Program Administration
We administer, you build