About Us

Wrap-Up Resources, LLC is a third-party administrator for owners of wrap-up insurance programs. Wrap-Up Resources is an established and experienced company whose founding principals have been consulting on construction insurance issues, providing underwriting support, and litigating claims under wrap-up policies since the 1980's. Our reputation is built on our unflagging customer service supported by a foundation of construction industry expertise and best-in-class technology. This dedication to customer service and support coupled with our state-of-the-art electronic enrollment has earned us praise from developers, contractors, and subcontractors across the Western United States.

Wrap-Up Resources knows both the insurance and construction industries and the necessity for administrative details to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to allow builders/developers to focus on what they do best, building and developing, rather than handling paperwork and worrying about insurance details. Wrap-Up Resources provides the latest tools and technology to efficiently process the administration of wrap programs while delivering the highest level of customer service.

Wrap-Up Resources - It doesn't get easier than this.