Getting Started

To get started and to better answer your questions, let us know about your project by downloading the Project Information Form and fax back the form to 925.322.8665 or email it to You are always welcome to call us at 925.300.3096 or email us at for more information on our services or for questions you may have about wrap insurance programs.

Download Project Information Form

After we receive the Project Information Form, we can call you to discuss the project further; we can prepare a proposal based on the project information provided; or if you are ready to start, we can provide you with the Service Agreement to get the Wrap Administration started.

That's it to get your wrap administration started. What's next?


  • enter subcontractor contact details and a brief work description on an online form

Wrap-Up Resources will:
  • set-up a project database which gives you 24-7 real-time monitoring of the enrollment process
  • provide subcontractors with all required forms and documentation
  • answer subcontractor questions and provide additional information on the Wrap Insurance Program as needed
  • follow-up with subcontractors until they are fully enrolled
  • provide a Certificate of Enrollment to enrolled subcontractors
  • maintain the enrollment records through the entire completed operations extended period which could be as long as 15 years in some states

Wrap-Up Resources - It doesn't get easier than this.